Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Redemption :

the blending in of my own humanity
the death of me
giving up slowly
screaming for you to help me
hope and insecurity
trapped inside of me
my walls crumble all around me
the walls i build
walls that was not ment for me
escaping in the wrong direction
lost in tranquility
need to stop
this i made my own
you touch me with grace i don’t understand
yet i chain myself to my own abilities
short-coming of that what you can give me
i’m my own hostage
and i have the key
fighting to get you out
from the place where you’ll always be
grace, love and acceptance
concepts unacceptable for me
deeply feeling your breath
burning my soul with desire for more
more of your peace
more of your freedom
calming my senses
giving my life to live
this redemption
you are the escape for me

- H. De Villiers - 

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Shooting Stars :

It’s all clear to me now
The way I feel
To real for me now
No matter how many times I look at you
You still don’t feel real
It’s all clear to me now
The way in
An emergency exit out
Closer and closer
Further apart
Heartache is near
The sensation of fear
Deeper in
Pain is near
It’s all clear to me now
I was born for this
This moment
This laps in time
Where my world meets yours
Your perfection to shine
In this glimpse of time
It’s all clear
It all disappear

- H. De Villiers - 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morning dust :

Morning dust

Filled with lust

Eyes of gold

Rip my soul

Love and fear

All so near

Skin ice cold

In the razor sharp world

Transparent in time

Forever mine

So far

So near

Why always fear

Hand and love

Hand of hate

All that this world have create

Morning dust

Children crushed

Pain and sorrow

My world

My tomorrow

- H. De Villiers -

Monday, November 02, 2009

Power of Love

I searched in the hope to find
The words to describe
How you make me feel inside
For long I have wondered what it is called
This sensation within my soul
If you touch me I tremble
My heart beat so fast
I hold on to you
With every breath that I have
The kiss of your lips
Rip my body apart
As you touch me deep within my heart
Far have I reached
Never to find
What is true
And what is mine
But within your glaze
I can see that you care
Looking beyond my skin
Into the person deep within
You make me feel warm and safe
And I am no longer afraid
Because of this
I can now say
That I hope this feeling never dies
Cause for the first time
Love has changed my mind

- H. De Villiers - 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Becoming moon and sun :

Fading away
Slowly apart
You and I
No longer one heart
As you drift in the sun
The sky is so blue
My heart still yours
My mind all on you
But the moon has to shine
With the sun in her heart
Not always together
Further apart
Your shadow will fall
To blind my light
But my heart will still burn
With your love insight
This reality we share
Always will show
Even as we drift in the shadows
Emptiness apart
The bond will stay compelling
Unconditionally of sight
Forever you and I
Fill others hearts
Bringing light where there was darkness
For them to never part
Even though you and me
Have to drift apart

- H.De Villiers -